Why you should have your wedding in Myrtle Beach

As a top wedding planner in South Carolina, I have realized that the best location for any wedding ceremony in Horry County is the Myrtle Beach. It is hard to find a romantic and scenic wedding setting than this beach with the gentle breezes, tranquil sound of the ocean and the beach sunset that creates a spectacular red glow on the ocean and the tide pools which set the backdrop for any wedding ceremony. There are so many benefits of having Weddings in Myrtle Beach which has made it the most popular location in South Carolina.

Being one of the most popular wedding location, over 3000 couples have been married in the dozens of luxurious locations in the beach. Couples appreciate the low cost low stress and lovely ceremonies in this beach and I believe any other person looking for an amazing place to wed will love it too. Another reason why this beach is popular for marriages is that there is no blood test and the twenty four hour waiting period but the amenities and the beauty of the beach is its most attractive feature.

The North part of is a hidden jewel in the beach and a common Myrtle Beach wedding spot. It has 10 miles of white sand, the widest all over the world. There is also the Alabama theater, barefoot landing, Carolina opry as well as the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. There are dozens of splendid restaurants including the famous House of Blues and Greg Norman’s Australian Grill that overlooks the inter-coastal waterway. Also, you will find many hotels and motels located at the front of the ocean with hot tubs and Jacuzzi pools. You will also get lots of beach houses and condos to offer accommodation to you and the guests. Below are the benefits you will obtain from having a Myrtle Beach Weddings.


  1. Weddings in Myrtle Beach eliminates most of the stress that is involved in planning a traditional wedding. This is because beach weddings are simpler and quite casual. Since the background of a beach wedding is created by nature it eliminates most of the stress that is usually involved when setting a traditional wedding.
  2. A Myrtle Beach Wedding is more cost effective for many reasons. There is no or very little site fee and the décor cost is very minimal since the beach has its own natural beauty. In addition, the wedding attire on the beach is casual and less costly compared to the expensive attendant’s dresses and tuxedo rentals that are purchased in bridal salons.
  3. Traditional weddings are held in public venues or in churches but a beach wedding is really unique. You can be able to personalize the tropical theme in a beach wedding and it has other endless and creative options.

Weddings In Myrtle Beach is stress free, romantic, cost effective and the perfect way to begin your journey as a couple. There is no better feeling that exchanging wedding vows over-looking the beach and you can choose either the public camp or park, chapel resort, hotel or the beach itself and you will certainly enjoy your wedding day.


How to Get Stunning Shots from a Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer

Myrtle Beach is essentially a chain of gorgeous beaches. Indeed the 60-mile set of threaded coastline complete with brown-sugar colored beaches and celebrity-designed golf course make a wonderful backdrop for any photography activity. Anyone looking to have a wedding here to make the most of this enchanting environment and possibly create wonderful wedding memories should thus not look at including a chip of professional Myrtle Beach wedding photography.

A good number of professionals can help you capture the scenes and create indelible memories. Despite the huge list, Carl Kerridge quite stands out. Still, you need to do a little more than just book for a session. If possible, make early contact and have the photographer assure you of his or her availability on the desired date. Meeting up with your photographer is a great idea as well because this offers you both, a forum to exhaustively discuss the details and suggest the backdrops you prefer.


Great results easily come about when your photographer has an easy time. Making a comprehensive list of people, you want captured in the photos a great way to start. Most photographers have a standard operating procedure when it comes to shooting family groups. After the ceremony however, people tend to wander off and may miss on important photos. Because your photographer does not really know, who you never want to miss out, making a list and delegating a family member to help with the photo-shoot session may help a great deal.

Working with Carl for your Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography is stress-free because he will be the first person in the reception venue and the last to leave. He has been taking photos since he was seven and has an expansive experience with a portfolio of more than 200 wedding couples, all, happy of course. Having stayed in Myrtle Beach for the last 15 years, he knows all the good spots as well as some little things you need to incorporate to make your wedding special and the photos enchanting.


Listing Your Home For Sale In Boerne TX – Do It Via the Internet

Today, when a person is “thirsty” for something, the best place to seek answers is the internet because it contains nearly all information. Long gone are the days when you had to physically meet with experts to get whatever you needed. The internet revolution has made life easier especially for people with interest in property markets. Are you looking or planning to sell your home but you still don’t know how to start? Well, the best thing is to list your Homes for Sale in Boerne TX using online platforms. You have the option of selling it locally without posting online but that is not advantageous as you are going to see in a while:

Why List your Homes for Sale Online

Fist and foremost, research has proven that more than 80% of people looking to buy houses will turn to the internet. This means that if you want to sell your house, you can find buyers fast when you list it online. You just need to upload attractive photo, its location and negotiable price and it won’t take time before you get a call from an interested person.

Minimal Time

In the past, before a home seeker could find an ideal property, he/she would have to spend a lot of time looking for Homes for Sale in different neighborhoods. This was stressful and most of the time, one will end up buying any property by foregoing important considerations after giving up on search. Online real-estate websites allows home sellers and buyers to interact freely thus doing business in a timely way.

Ease of Use

It is very annoying to keep on explaining to different home seekers about the properties that you are selling. Some of them may not even have any intention of owning a property but they are busy insulting you with questions. That can’t happen when you list your property online since you will have provided all the necessary information. For example, an interested buyer will be able to view from the site the number of rooms, location, amenities within and so forth just by the click of a button.


Photograph Appeal

There comes a time when people looking for Homes for Sale in Boerne TX would want to have an overview of the properties without necessarily visiting the site. This was nearly impossible when online listing of real-estate properties was not available. Things have changed nowadays and property owners are advised to use professional photographers to take pictures of their house before uploading online. The best listing should allow users to upload several photos so that interested buyers can have a clear view of how the property on sale looks like. This also plays an important role of attracting more possible buyers unlike otherwise.

Real-estate industry is booming everyday and the same case applies to the internet where smartphones are now the in thing. You can now comfortably list your Homes for Sale using your smartphone and interested buyers on the other side can also use their phones to view. This therefore means that real estate is taking in a new turn when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers hence you should not be left out either. For more info please visit:

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